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Topic: HDSPe MADI clock question


I have the follwoing setup:
(only digital menitoned)

DAW 2: RME HDSP Multiface I

1 x SSL Alpha link MADI AX
2 x Onyx 800r

The 2 Onyx are connected by its ADAT outs to the SSL box,
and the Multiface is connected with ADAT IN and OUT also with the SSL box.

Generally here in this forum and on other places the recommendation is,
keep the clock(wordclock) as easy as possible and that digital lines like MADI
and ADAT are selfclocking.

Ok, I understand this, but I think the SSL Box should be the master for the clock,
but so I have no idea how the two onyx will be in clock as these devices are only
connected by ADAT out and are not receiving any input from the SSL and the other gear.
Or is the ADAT Out also bidirectional for some informations like clock?
Or would it be good to make a wordclock connection from SSL WC Out to the 2 onyx,
and let the other devices clocking trough MADI and ADAT?

Thanks and best regards

Re: HDSPe MADI clock question

ADAT is unidirectional. In this case, the only option is to sync the Mackies with Word Clock. The rest can clock to ADAT and MADI.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: HDSPe MADI clock question

Thanks for your support.

So you mean the following should be fine?
Sorry but I new by using more than
one Digital converter and Interface at once.

SSL Box WC Out to a T-piece and to the WC IN of the 2 x 800r
and on the 2nd 800r switch the termination button on?

And the multiface will sync because it has ADAT IN and OUT
connected to the SSL Box and the (Master) DAW with the RME Madi
card will be in sync because the MADI IN and OUT with the SSL Box.

So does this means that I have to set the SSL Box as Master?
Or would all mentioned devices receive a correct clock if the
RME HDSPe Madi is Master?

Thanks and best regards