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HI All, I have a FF800. I have a pair of Genelec 1029a's and a Sub as my main Mix out.
Speaker "B" is a MONO Avantone Speaker.

Output 1+2 = Genelec 1029
Output 5 = Genelec SUB
(These faders are setup as a group"

Using my ARC USB I have Snap 1 with the Sub and Snap 2 without

Output 7+8 of the FF my Speaker B setup set to MONO going to the Avatone.

I can't work out how to mute the SUB (5) output fader when I press "SPEAKER B"

Please help?

I know I can fix this all with a "Snap 3"  but was hoping to use the "SPEAKER B" options

Re: How to Setup "Speaker B" without Sub

I have a pair of 1029 and feed the sub from them as opposed to another output although interesting idea. I just got a ada8200 and was thinking of using the now redundant 1029s as speaker B

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Thanks mKok....Yes that is definitely a solution however it then doesn't give you the option of creating a "Snapshot" without the Sub as it would be hardwired. I'm hoping there might be a simple solution here. In the meanwhile I am using different "Snapshots" to get the result I"m after. Doesn't really make sense though.

Re: How to Setup "Speaker B" without Sub

My sub has a foot switch bypass so not a problem in my case but I’m interested to see if there is a solution.

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Re: How to Setup "Speaker B" without Sub

The problem is the Control Room section in Total Mix which is limited to 2.0 stereo...
As a workaround you could use a mute group for the sub, but you will have to press two buttons then to switch: speaker b and the mute group for the sub, as you’re using an arc remote that might just work fine if you map it to two buttons next to each other.