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Topic: Registration - Warranty

I just purchased an HDSPe AES from  a well-regarded US retailer.

Registering new products for warranty via a postcard from US to Germany would seem to be a little clunky in 2021. This feature really ought to be on the RME website.

Isn’t there a way to email your registration card and a scan of your receipt to  RME? 

Or a link to US RME site?

Re: Registration - Warranty

FYI, I have just bought an RME product in UK. I was surprised (and delighted!) that the UK distributor, Synthax, offered by a 5-year parts & labour warranty for free. I merely had to register at the Synthax website.

So - different experiences with different importers / distributors.

Re: Registration - Warranty

I bought an RME UFX, new old stock on ebay recently, sealed box. I take it I won't be able to register it for a warranty?


Re: Registration - Warranty

Production of the UFX ended in December 2016. I don't think you will find someone that accepts warranty claims 4 years later.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Registration - Warranty

As expected. Thanks for clarifying.