Topic: DUrec file order rme ufx

Hi.. is there a logical sequence to how the un-named files are ordered when using durec to record and then extracted with batch processor?
Especially if i do something like a mix and match of recorded inputs..
Eg: analog 9, 12, adat 1,2,7
Thanks in advance

Re: DUrec file order rme ufx

Why not simply try ? wink
I would expect it will be the order of channels like seen on DAW and TM FX.
In Cubase check audio connections (F4)
Select TAB "Inputs" or "Outputs"
And then use the preset with xx mono or yy stereo channels
This will show you the order of
- devices (if you use more than 1 device with the ASIO driver, e.g. UFX+ and a connected ADI-2 Pro)
- and channels
in the driver.
Should be the same order like you can see in TM FX.

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