Topic: Babyface (ca 2012) flash update

Hi guy and gals,

After years of not using my Babyface (ca 2012) I decided to set it up again. I was pleasantly surprised that RME are taking care of older models and finding and installing drivers was super easy.

My question is about the flash update, what does this do? And would you recommend me installing it? Is the installation as quick and easy as the driver install?

Any help would be appreciated,

Much obliged!

Re: Babyface (ca 2012) flash update

My old babyface silver works perfect on the new M1 Macbook Air after installing the latest driver and firmware flash update.

The flashtool is a little software that replaces some informations inside the Babyface.
It works fast and you have nothing else to do as connect the Babyface to the computer and double-click the flash-update-tool.
The computer should have internet connection.
I recommend to do it.
The Babyface is an awesome adio interface and you will have fun with it when everything is up to date.

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