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I plan to upgrade my current audio interface (which is a MOTU UltaLite AVB) and get a M-1610 pro. I don't have any experience with MADI or AVB though - my current interface is connected directly via USB.

I have scrolled through the manual and I think I understand what options I would have with the M-1610 pro. What I feel a bit unsure about is what makes the most sense for me. What is the normal way of connecting a M-1610 pro? Are there potential difficulties I might run into?

Currently I am thinking about connecting the M-1610 pro through a MOTU M64 (or RME Madiface pro) via MADI. Although this is not essential, I could then connect my current UltraLite AVB via AVB at the same time.

I am using Windows 10 and Cubase 11.

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Hi and welcome to the RME forum!

There is a variety of scenarios in which the M-1610 Pro is useful. Maybe you can describe a bit more detailed what requirements your new setup has.
In particular, apart from the 16 inputs, 8 outputs and headphones, do you need any other analog or digital I/O?
Do you plan to extend the setup over time or will it be sufficient for the next years?
What is the spatial distance between your computer/DAW and the rest of your gear? (same room, next door, next building?)
What is the main task of that setup? Recording, Mixing, Mastering? What about monitoring?

In general, RME offers interfaces for both MADI and AVB and both technologies have their advantages.
When considering AVB, it's useful to know that a specialized version of it, Milan, is clearly the path forward in pro audio.
RME's AVB units are already Milan compatible and we strive to keep full compliance in the future. Maybe a thing to keep in mind when deciding on an interface.

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Thank you. My plan is to change my workflow and mix "in the box". I have some analogue synthesizers and outboard equipment which I plan to record (I record and mix my own music). 16 in and 8 outs should be enough for the moment; I don't think I will ever need digital I/O.. I find the M-1610 pro interesting because I want the best possible converters in this price range and at the same time not pay for features (like microphone preamps) I don't need.
All of my gear is  pretty close together in the same room.

If I get a M-1610 pro, should I connect if via MADI or AVB? As I understand it I would need a MADI interface then (like the RME Madiface pro or a MOTU M64) in addition to the M-1610 pro, or are there other options?

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Yes, for both MADI and AVB you will need an additional interface to connect it to a Windows PC.

Given your workflow and requirements, I would lean towards MADI, because it's dead simple. You just connect both units via short coax or optical cables, make sure clocking is right and you're all set, 64 channels of audio are flowing in both directions.

AVB is much more flexible but at the cost of a longer initial setup time and more technology to learn. That being said, if you go with MADI now, it's easy to extend your setup with AVB later (connecting the AVB network to the M-1610, using it as an converter to MADI). Still, it looks like you won't need that flexibility, so I would just take the easy route here.

Madiface Pro is a good choice, especially if you're doing stuff on the road from time to time. A Madiface USB might save you a couple of bucks, but doesn't have analog I/O. As I'm not a MOTU user, I don't know about their stuff. Maybe someone on the forum who used both can come to the rescue...

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MarcS> Madiface Pro is a good choice
MarcS> Maybe someone on the forum who used both [RME, Motu] can come to the rescue...

I also think that a Madiface Pro is a good choice.

I was a former Terratec and Focusrite user. I remember this review here (and other comments I read in the internet) and took away from it that Motu doesn't do so well in some disciplines: Parts, Built-quality and Mixer.

I couldn't imagine working with the web-based Motu browser on a daily basis, which reacts sluggishly to my input and takes seconds to load.

Personally, I think RME delives the better and more thoughtful products on the market and each product participates from the high product maturity of TotalMix FX, which was well designed on the one hand, but then also consistently developed further (>20y!) and supplemented by products such as TotalMix Remote, ARC USB and also DIGICheck.

Another benefit for you is, that it only requires USB2, which you will find nowadays on any computer.

Even if you would like to integrate an ADI-2 Pro FS R BE at a later point, then you could do this easily by using the ADAT outputs of your M-1610 Pro for that purpose.

So to say a very nice round solution.

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Thank you for your help; I think all my questions on how to connect my future M-1610 pro have been answered, and I am looking forward to hopefully getting one in the next weeks.