Topic: Multiface II with a strange problem

I have a Multiface II here with a problem:

Connected to a Laptop/cardbus PCMCIA card (with the RME power supply connected) the digital inputs are not working correctly. An spdif 48k signal at the rca input plays fine, but the samplerate shows 32k (?). The adat input isn't working/showing up at al (also no green led). The analog section plays fine.
When I replace the Multiface with a Digiface, everything works as it should.
When I connect the Multiface to a desktop/PCI card, everything is fine.

Any idea what is going on?
I tested with:
driver_hdsp_win_429 and 436, same results.
Al computers win 10/64
All cards HDSP PCI Rev. > 1.8: 55
HDSP CardBus: 17


Re: Multiface II with a strange problem

Try a different power supply. Else I see no obvious reason for this issue.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Multiface II with a strange problem


Thanks for your quick answer! I'm still testing as I get different results with 3 different adaptors, all of them work with my digiface, none with the multiface. Ill get back once I understand what's going on.

Kind regards, Jurgen