Topic: Digiface Dante Windows 10 crackle issue @ 96kHz

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue in Windows 10 where when the sample rate is set to 96kHz and the buffer size is set to 64 samples I experience consistent crackling on both playback and recording. Curiously, when I monitor off of a hardware input directly in Totalmix I get no crackling there.  It only happens recording to a DAW or listening back to software playback. On higher buffer sizes starting from 128 and up, no crackling is present.

I'm running driver v0.9734, TotalMix FX v1.67, and Digiface Dante is set to Master in Dante Controller.

Using the same hardware with a much older Mac I had, 96kHz/64 sample buffer size works fine with no crackles.  Is this a limitation of Windows 10 ASIO or something else?


Re: Digiface Dante Windows 10 crackle issue @ 96kHz

It needs perfectly optimized computers to be able to use 64 samples at 96 kHz (equals 32 samples at 48 kHz). 128 is much more realistic and already good.

Your comparison with Apple is invalid, as Core Audio uses additional buffers, so the real latency is different and not comparable.

Matthias Carstens