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Topic: MIDI CC undocumented behavior with pitch/sustain reset?


I'm using a midi controller to control the totalmix fx's faders. It works okay. When I run reaper, that midi controller is also used as one MIDI output device of many.

However, when I open up reaper, for example, and start/stop playback, one of the faders abruptly moves to -12.1 position -- and this can be dangerous depending on the situation.

I investigated it and figured out that it has something to do with pitch/sustain reset that reaper sends every start/stop playback action. I think this would be the same in other daws as well.

So, reaper sends,

E0 00 40
E1 00 40
EF 00 40

for pitch bend reset and,

B0 40 00
B1 40 00
BF 40 00

for Sustain pedal reset. And these are sent to totalmix fx as well. I thought it won't respond to these at all.

I looked into the manual and this behavior isn't documented.  Is this a hidden bug or a feature?