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Topic: ufx+ Channel Chaos in Core Audio / Logic

Hi I am using an ufx+ with logic X. No matter what the sample frequency I set the ufx+ to, the  RME driver always reports a full 96channels to Mac OS core Audio, as well as Logic X. (at 88,2  there is half the ADAT and MADI channel count available)
I would seriously need to disable unavailable/unused ADAT, MADI or AES channels.
Routing i/O in Logic looks like this:



Re: ufx+ Channel Chaos in Core Audio / Logic

As expected and described in the manual.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ufx+ Channel Chaos in Core Audio / Logic

Robby please don't hate me !
For me this is not chaos, it is in perfect order.
There are all Ins and Outs available without having to enable it in a menu somwhere in the background preferences.
And how beautiful is it to have the little infos right there adat madi phones.
A disabling feature can also be a chaos maker.
Is it stored in the project ? And you send the project file to another studio where another interface is connected, or yourself hook up another interface for a try and have to go thru that disabling menu first to get things working right, no thanks.
When this feature can be switched on and off, I would be ok with it.

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