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I have had 2 crashes in nuendo - using a madi hadsp card.  Im sure that its NI that i can blame for it rather than the drivers for the card.

i find that i have to reconfigure all midi ports channels and audio channels to all the 4 x hdsp9652, which was fun the first time but a little tedious to do the third time. 

So please , if this happens again can anyone tell me how i can backup my midi configuration? which file holds this information does anyone know?

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Re: midi config backup


check here

and make an backup of this folder for Nuendo or Cubase,
good to have just in case!

also check with Nuendo forum if more people have this trouble
by the way what version of Nuendo!?

regards S-EH

Re: midi config backup

very good . danke

my nuendo version is 3.x
i am not going to upgrade anytime soon.