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Topic: DC5 rc4 sees Digi 96/8 PST as MADI...

The title says it all...DC5 rc4 sees Digi 96/8 PST as MADI.

I only have "ASIO Hammerfall DSP" driver options and "MADI" upon loading. 
Wow..I've never seen 64 channels of nothing in the Global Meter before... ;-)

I'd just upgraded computers, and removed my HDSP9652 out of this box to put into the new box.
Then, I installed my older Digi 96/8 PST into this box.
It's been a nightmare getting the old card to operate.  After several attempts loading drivers, reboots, and deleting every reference to the HDSP9652 in Windows, I then needed to open the registry and delete every reference to "HDSP" and "Hammerfall DSP" just to get Windows to see the older Digi 96/8.  I was able to play an mp3 file in the media player for a moment, then I decided to install the latest Digicheck beta...  now, it's reporting a MADI card and everything is dead again.  Adding to the confusion, my digital mixer reports the ADAT signal as AES/EBU and won't sync up...  Also, I wasn't getting any noticeable volume or assignment control with the "digi96.exe" during the short time I played a file in the media player.

Starting the deletion process over again...


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Re: DC5 rc4 sees Digi 96/8 PST as MADI...

The download information says it all. Old cards no longer supported.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: DC5 rc4 sees Digi 96/8 PST as MADI...


Going back to the older 4.x Digicheck with the Digi96 is no problem... except that it doesn't recognize the ASIO driver!
It would be considerate if newer hardware driver files and registry references wouldn't block older cards from being reinstalled in cases like this.

Manually deleting registry entries in an attempt to get this working again is a royal pain.
After two days, it appears there is no way to get this card to be recognized without totally reinstalling Windows and all accompanying audio software from scratch.

Not good.

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