Topic: Power requirements for 9652?

Building new system and trying to decide on power supply.  Is there anywhere I can find what the card idles at as well as known maximum power needs on the website?   I am just trying to make sure I have enough power headroom that I’ll never see a problem.

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Re: Power requirements for 9652?

I can't find any information in the manuals.

But this is IMHO not so tragic, because adding a PCIe card does not change power consumption that much, you should anyway calculate with a little reserve.

Check the power calculators that you can find from Enermax to get a feeling for, what components consume and which of them most like e.g. (CPU, GPU, ..)

I am not sure whether the Wikipedia entry is correct, it says that a usual PCIe slot (like with PCI) is able to deliver 25W. Well, calculate 25W and you will have enough headroom... According to this calculator a high end sound card uses only 8W ...

Compared to the usual 550-850W that I would estimate for a desktop PC with "normal" gaming equipment these 8-25W are not so severe (covered well enough).

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Re: Power requirements for 9652?

AFAIR our cards are typicallly below 6 Watts. In other words - completely forget them.

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Re: Power requirements for 9652?

Can confirm from my list here. 6.something for an HDSPe AES with TCO. Nothing even close to 10W.