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Hi there,

I just got hold of a FF UFXII. The performance is pretty poor (I've upgraded from a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, which was Firewire) and I'm pretty sure it's down to USB issues (I've applied the 'mouse pointer trails' fix which has made the unit at least usable, albeit with 2048 buffer size, which isn't really what I wanted when I shelled out, to be honest.

So, I'm going through the forums, digging around for info, and I'm going to get a USB card to hopefully prevent any congestion (I've made sure I've stopped Windows 10 from turning off USB power, and have prioritised background tasks etc etc.) It's a relatively new machine, only a couple of years old, with an intel x299 MOBO with an intel i7 processor (I'll happily supply any further info if it's helpful.)

I'm therefore wondering about running the UFX from a dedicated USB 2 card (I know there are problems with USB 3 from my reading). I'm in the UK, could anyone recommend something that will work and I can get hold of relatively easily?

Thanks for any help/tips.


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Re: Recommendation for a UK USB Card for Fireface UFXII

Hi Mike,

tbh ... I wouldn't buy an USB2 card because this is IMHO a waste of PCIe slots on your mainboard.
I would use an USB3 card with a chipset which is even proven to work with an UFX+ (simply as a "strategy").
Whether it runs in your system you need to try out, nobody can give you a guarantee on that.

You could try this card here: … 4port.html

I am using the bigger model with 4x USB3 chip on board (per port !) which was for that reason more expensive and needed a x4 PCIe socket because of the higher total throughput. But this card is not available anymore anyway.

Another good thing about this card:
- directly supported by Win10 drivers
- drivers using a more efficient MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt) technique

Good luck.

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Re: Recommendation for a UK USB Card for Fireface UFXII

Ah, that makes perfect sense. I'll give the card you suggested a try - thanks so much for taking the time :-)



Re: Recommendation for a UK USB Card for Fireface UFXII

Did you try all ports of your mobo? They can all behave differently.

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