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Hi! My TotalMix no longer lets me assign routings - for example, I have an external reverb return on 31-32, which I usually route to outputs 3-4 for headphone mixes.  I can no longer select the channels - can't select the reverb return on top, can't select the cue mix output on the bottom.  I figure it's just a setting that changed, but what could it be?

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Quote from manual, for TMFX:

To change the current mode go to the menu, Options, and click on Operational Mode.
Choices are Full Mode (default, mixer active, all routing options available),
and Digital Audio Workstation Mode (straight playback routing, no input mix).

I guess, that you 've, probably, set this, accidentally, to "DAW Mode"?

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Re: TotalMix - can't assign

no, but you got me poking around in the menus and I selected File > New TotalMix Window, got a new window in which I can now set all my routings to taste, closed the old, non-changeable mixer and all seems to be well! 


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Maybe "Options->Reset Mix->..." would have fixed it as well, but nice that you found a solution.

BTW with what combination of RME product, CPU/mainboard, OS/version, RME driver/version did this occurr?
Might be interesting at a later point if other ppl should have similar issues, then its good to have some additional info under what circumstances this occurred "should" it be related to that.

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