Topic: Updating Firmware on Fireface 400 over USB Connection

Does anybody have any tips on updating the firmware on my FireFace 400. It is currently plugged into new MacBook Pro over Thunderbolt 3 port, MBP running Big Sur, however there is no firmware updating tool available on RME's website that will work with a MBP running Big Sur.

I spoke to my local RME distributor and they recommended using an older machine running an older and compatible OS to update the firmware on the Fireface 400, but the only machine I have available has only USB ports not Firewire ports and I understand there is compatibility issues connecting Firewire interfaces to USB ports.

Does anybody know how I could do this or does RME have any timeline on when I will be able to update the Firmware on my FireFace 400 using a machine running Big Sur.

The reason I need to update the Firmware is because my machine keeps having a Kernel Panic related to the recently updated RME driver for the Fireface and the local distributor told me this is because the drivers are matched to the Firmware version on the Fireface and because I have not updated the firmware on the Fireface when updating the driver it is causing the panic and crash.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Re: Updating Firmware on Fireface 400 over USB Connection

That is wrong information. There has been no firmware update since 2012 (version 171).

Matthias Carstens