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Topic: 96k digicheck not work

I am using RME UFX2
digicheck input adat 1-2
48k work ok
96k not work

Originally in 96k, adat worked fine.
If I change 96k from a few days ago, digicheck slows down and there is no response.
It slows down and doesn't respond, then switch to 48k and it works again.

mac os 10.14
uln-8 3d (adat OUT) -> RME UFX2 (adat IN)

Re: 96k digicheck not work

here digicheck with madi fx PCIEe card 96k work

Robbie Ost / go!EASTstudios
MADI FX, 2x Express Card,2x Multiface 2

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Re: 96k digicheck not work

Here Digicheck NG with Digiface USB on BigSur 11.4 works fine with 96kHz wav.

Please test the new Digicheck NG :
https://www.rme-usa.com/downloads.html? … ac_085.zip

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