Topic: DigiCheck Analyser Laggy/Low Refresh Rate.

I recently upgraded from win7x64 to win10x64 (all drivers are working correctly) and i have noticed that the Spectral Analyser window is choppy and has low refresh rate unless i manually move the application window around.

it's almost like the framerate reduces to 15fps when the window is stationary and goes to 60fps+ when i click the window and move it around.
I have also noticed that scrolling within a Notepad text document while having DigiCheck open will also increase the refresh rate of the Analyser.

I have tried setting the priority of DigiCheck to Realtime, run in compatibility modes, reduce colors etc with no change.
Is this app specific? or a windows 10 graphical setting that reduces refresh rates when apps are not active or something?
No other app or Analyser does this.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated, i've used Digicheck forever and it sucks that upgrading makes it worse.

system: Fireface UCX, DigiCheck 5.92, GTX 980Ti, 32Gb Ram, SSD Win10 (fresh install).

Re: DigiCheck Analyser Laggy/Low Refresh Rate.

i gets laggy with higher buffer settings!

Robbie Ost / go!EASTstudios
MADI FX, 2x Express Card,2x Multiface 2


Re: DigiCheck Analyser Laggy/Low Refresh Rate.

Sounds like your Windows graphics driver is broken or set to some power saving mode.

Matthias Carstens