Topic: UFX+ Midi port for Madi with 2x 12mics

I've been using a UFX+ and a 12mic over optical/coax madi and the new mid remote software - all seems to work great!

I understand for remote control you have to select port 3 or 4 in fireface settings for remote control of the 12mic to work, depending on whether you use optical or coax.

I'm considering a second 12mic, and for orchestral work I would potentially position one at the front of the orchestra, and one near the back. Creating an optical loop becomes a slight pain here, because my duplex cables become a bit redundant. Rather than run a loop, (which must surely necessitate buying new simplex cables) can I connect the second 12mic via coax (obviously one to send, one to return) to the first 12mic?

So I'd end up with:

UFX+<-------optical madi------->12mic<------coax madi------>12mic

I'm sure it'll pass audio just fine, but I'm wondering about the midi control - will the first 12mic pass on any of the remote control information?