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Topic: New RME user. Early HDSP 9632 question.

Hey everyone. I'm new here.

Using RME interfaces was always out of my financial reach so I had to settle for *good* instead of the best. No longer. I now am the proud owner of an HDSP 9632 that I got used for a price I could not pass. I used them in studios before but never owned one until a few days ago.

I'd like it to last me a long time because it's truly the PERFECT interface for me. Top-shelf audio quality AND extremely tight, accurate MIDI. It's all I ever really asked for. Now I have it.

The card is probably over a decade old, judging by the packaging. Quick question: would it be a good idea to get the capacitors or coils (or anything else on it) replaced after a certain time? I have a friend who is extremely skilled at this...


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Try the card out first - no need to do anything unless there is some kind of obvious problem. And if the capacitors look normal, they will last without issues.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

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Yeah the 9632s are great! I've been using one for years and just 'upgraded' to a 9652 for the extra MIDI out.

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Installed... went through the "unsigned drivers" micro-nightmare. Using drivers 430. All is excellent. The firmware had to be updated, too.

I practice piano everyday and I use Waves' Grand Rhapsody. I think I hear a difference in the clarity of the transients through the RME... a bit more detailed than with the Echo Gina that I've been using for that until now. My old Alesis ADAT box will sound like it's old self... But those tow analog I/O's on the RME sound spectacular. I LOVE those routing possibilities.

This is GREAT. 175 canadian dollars very well spent.

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enjoy wink

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I am superenjoying it!

I will order the 15 and 9 pin ribbon cables that I will DIY myself the optional breakout cables with... Like that:

One thing I'm not impressed at all with though... the quality of those wires and RCA connectors.