Topic: Midi talkback FORCE ON/OFF instead of toggle.


Since forever there is one note for ONLY toggling TAKLBACK (Talkback: 5E / 94 / #A 6).  I can toggle it (switch it to the opposite state as current) but not force it into the exact ON or OFF state.

I have set DAW to send out MMC. I use Bome Midi Translator to translate MMC to midi notes/CC.

STOP - talkback ON
PLAY - talkback ON
RECORD - talkback OFF

When I press the talkback button manually on ARC I can leave it in the opposite state and all automation works in an inverted way. It is a bit awkward.

We would need it to be
Talkback: 5E / 94 / #A 6
0-64 = OFF
65-127 = ON

Any ideas or workaround.

Thank you


Re: Midi talkback FORCE ON/OFF instead of toggle.

This is Mackie protocol. It works as it is. We can not change that without breaking compatibility.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Midi talkback FORCE ON/OFF instead of toggle.

Thank you for your prompt reply Matthias.

I can understand that, but it would certainly make a nice feature. Very needed feature in IMHO.

What about adding a feature (midi assignments to unused note/CC) and call it Mackie extended protocol? Or even add an additional midi input for MMC or extra features. There are numerous ways.

Thank you


Re: Midi talkback FORCE ON/OFF instead of toggle.

Long time user of the tm talkback button here. I’ve never been able to hack a MIDI solution to crating a momentary TB switch but I was able to do it with OSC using Lemur and it was quite easy.

I started with the freely available Totalmix Lemur Template and customised from there to run just a few buttons on an old iPhone. In the end I didn’t use it and got used to the “latch” button available via midi but this may be an option for you.

One final vague suggestion. I’ve recently started to use Bome MIDI Translator as an in between program between my controller hardware and various software programs. Main reason is so I can divide the hardware buttons of one controller and send some of them to more than one program at the same time - including totalmix talkback. Going this way it may be possible to do what you’re looking for with midi. Turn a latch button behaviour into a momentary behaviour.

Paul Najar
Jaminajar Music Production