Topic: Problem with BabyFace Pro FS Output

I have my 2020 BabyFace Pro FS powered by USB input from MacBook Pro. I was able to make a voice microphone recording from a Sennheiser 821 Microphone, TRS balanced connection to input 3 of BabyFace Pro into GarageBand. However when I played the recording back I could only hear my voice on the left side of headphones. I supposed that was because Inputs 3/4 are paired on the Baby face Pro and I assumed I needed a stereo pair of two microphones which I do not have now.
I tried to record some friends and I could get a DIRECT acoustic guitar input signal on the Input side of the BabyFace Pro, however there is NO out put signal on the meter on the Output side of the BabyFace Pro. I checked on Total Mix and yes, there is an Input signal but NO Output signal coming from my MacBook Pro OS 11.5 GarageBand 10.4.3. Nor was I able to get sound going directly from BabyFace Pro FS to Focal Solo B(e) monitor speakers. Please advise?

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Re: Problem with BabyFace Pro FS Output

Get familiarized with Totalmix routing by watching Youtube videos.

All videos you can find with "RME Totalmix" will be helpful.

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Re: Problem with BabyFace Pro FS Output

Sounds more like a video about how to use GarageBand is in need, specifically Panorama and Monitoring. None of the above requires something different than TM FX default routing.

Matthias Carstens