Topic: Using 2x HDSPE cards

I can't find any clear explanation of what to expect.

I have a HDSPe Madi Fx for remote rooms via madi.

I want to add a HDSPe AIO Pro to deal with the control room I/O.

What will happen if I install both?

1. Will my daw see all inputs at once?

2. Will TotalMix include all channels in one screen or will I need to toggle between cards?

3. Say I need to toggle between cards, if my monitors are connected to the AIO, will I be able to control the volume with my ARC Usb even if the Madi Fx tab is active in TotalMix?

Anyone using two HDPSe cards could share his experience?



Re: Using 2x HDSPE cards

1. No. Different driver/ASIO under Windows.
2. Toggle.
3. Yes. The ARC USB configuration is global, but set per card. You need to disable all buttons not used on one card so there is no interference from settings of the other card.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Using 2x HDSPE cards

Ok! Thanks for your answer!