Topic: HDSPE and multiface 1 interface useage with rme adi2 dac ?

So I recently bought an adi 2 (the original one, not the one with rounded buttons or the fs) for fairly cheap second hand and wanted to use this as a dac for my headphone amplifier. However, I only realised later that it didn't have a usb input. Seeing this I started looking into sound card options with optical or coax out and found a listing for a multiface 1 with the pci card included for only 50 euros. Thinking this was a pretty solid deal regardless I figured I didn't have much to loose and bought it thinking this would be basically the same thing as a soundcard just external. However now that I have it hooked up I am starting to have some doubts about that assessment. If I only use the firewire input on the multiface and connect the adi 2 using the optical out on the hammerfall will that bypass the dac and pre amp circuits and just directly send the digital signla through or will it first decode the digital signal and then repackage it ? Because if the latter is true connecting the adi 2 seems pretty useless (even if the analogue outs on the multiface are pretty bad). The reason I am even thinking this might be the case is because of the software included. I haven't connected anything via a digital output yet but I can still see the channels for the digital outputs and I can also adjust their output levels. I am no expert so it might just be all software side but to me this implies the interface is atleast doing something to the signal which in my mind would only be possible if it ran through atleast the dac circuit. So my question is if the multiface 1 just acts as a pass through for digital signals or if the signal is still being decoded and amplified even for just a digital to digital conversion. And if the latter is true is there anything I can buy that actually acts as a pass through or is that not possible when going from digital to digital ? Thank in advance smile

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Re: HDSPE and multiface 1 interface useage with rme adi2 dac ?


The digital signal is, just, passed through to the ADI. The conversion from Digital to Analog takes place on the ADI, so nothing to worry!
If you reduce the volume in the Digital Out, the signal won't be bit - perfect.

So to set this up, correctly, ensure that every fader in your (software)signal chain is set to 0dB. For example, Windows Sound to 100, music player to 100 per cent, Software Outputs to 0dB etc.

Then you can set your actual listening levels on the ADI !

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Re: HDSPE and multiface 1 interface useage with rme adi2 dac ?

That was exactly what I wanted to do so great to hear that it will work!