Topic: ADI-2 vs. ADI-8 Pro - converter quality.

How does the converter quality/components compare between the ADI-2 and ADI-8 Pro?  Are they the same/identical or is one superior?

I realize that the ADI-8 Pro only goes up to 48, while the ADI-2 goes up to 192, but honestly, I only use 44.1 so this doesn't make a difference to me.

I currently have an ADI-2 but have a chance to snatch up a ADI-8 Pro and am wondering if it's worth the step up in regards to converter quality.  Thanks!


Re: ADI-2 vs. ADI-8 Pro - converter quality.

Actually this is not a 'step up'. The ADI-2 has not only an improved DA converter, but also SteadyClock - which did not exist when the ADI-8 Pro was designed.

Matthias Carstens