Topic: ADI-8 QS Metering Question

On the ADI-8 QS converter, is there an option to switch the Input LED Metering to monitor the incoming AES signal when used as a D/A converter? (Then be able to switch the Output LED Metering to monitor the out going AES signal when used in A/D mode) It looks to me like these 8ch. LED meters are fixed to the analog signals only.......I sure hope I'm missing something here (?) Thanks


Re: ADI-8 QS Metering Question

There is no such option, and I don't think it is needed. The output level meters do show the digital input signal. And as we have no mixing or volume control here for the AES output it seems not necessary to see those specific levels at this place. The AD level meters do that already.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI-8 QS Metering Question

Thanks for clarifying that for me Matthias. I would still argue that it would be a nice option. Cheers