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Topic: Multiface 1 pcmcia card firmware update fail


I have a multiface 1 box  and pcmcia card  with hammerfall dsp wirtten on it

Which was working fine until I tried to put it on a new pc.

I just tried to update my firmware and it bombed out, the flash update said fail a few times,  I noticed it said digiface in the settings and I have a multiface. which is why i went to update ( big mistake)

I stupidly reset windows and then read the readme file that said don’t reset windows. Which I was off screen the first time I read it, oops

Here is the note in the readme file

!!! When the update fails (status: failure) the flash process should be repeated several times, until no error message occurs anymore. ‘ (it did, but I gave up )
If the failure message is displayed nonetheless, the interface will most probably no longer work when the computer is switched off and on again.( Correct)

The interface then has to be re-programmed at the factory.  )(Is this still possible, i have reached out , no answer yet)

We have invested a lot of work to prevent the system from getting in this state.
If it happens despite our efforts, the best advice we can give is to not switch off the computer!
As long as it is not switched off the oldthanks  programming of the PCI/CardBus interface will stay active, and you can continue to work with the system using the old drivers !!!!g (great too late)

basically the sound card now is not recognized, and i cant load a driver or update the firmware again

Thanks for whatever advice you can give.


Re: Multiface 1 pcmcia card firmware update fail


you'd need to send the card in, sorry.

Daniel Fuchs

Re: Multiface 1 pcmcia card firmware update fail

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the quick reply

I figured as much , it was my bad, I should have been more careful.

I've tried everything to resurrect it  , all I get is blue screens .

I have spoken to the Australian agent , they were very nice but had no way to help.

Can you advise where to send it and how much it will cost.

I would also be interested in your opinion on the  best modern equivalent  ,, with maybe a few more i/o for live recording if we ever get to do it again.

The local guy mentioned something called UFX2, I really like the idea of something simple and easily shared to laptop, desktop,etc.

Thanks  again!


Re: Multiface 1 pcmcia card firmware update fail

The UCX II would be a good replacement. The Cardbus card would have to go back to the factory in Germany to be reprogrammed...

Daniel Fuchs