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Topic: Rme Digiface Dante on Big Sur


I'm working with a sound engineer on a project, he is using a Mac book pro running on Big Sur thru usb c.
when he connect his RME Dante all is working fine, Fireface USB settings , in Ableton audio works fine.

But he cannot use Dante controller, nothing is detect even his own RME
We can see all the devices on the network when we use others computers.
We updated all driver and firmware. We test on other computer his RME and we test an other RME on his computer but same results.
I pretty sure that this come from a problem on OS X Big Sur, no problem in file vault and confidentiality but maybe you have already encountered this problem with others users.

I don't know where to look at now ?
Any help will be appreciate smile


Re: Rme Digiface Dante on Big Sur

Is his version of Dante Controller ready for Big Sur?

Big Sur does not support kernel network drivers anymore. Use the normal USB driver and install the netifc solution from our download page on the website.

This information is also published in the readme of the current driver package 3.25.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Rme Digiface Dante on Big Sur

Hi all,

I have a other problem with the RME Network driver in BigSur,
In DanteController I can choice the feth10000
But in the the NetworkSettings I can’t change the ip Adress. We used it with a static ip. It’s a restriction in the museum.