Topic: RME Fireface 802 & Akai MPC Live 2


I wondered if anyone could offer some help.  I own a RME Fireface 802 and an Akai MPC Live 2.

I've upgraded the Akai MPC Live 2 to run on their latest firmware (2.10) which allows the MPC to be connected via USB to  'class compliant' audio interfaces to expand the inputs available to the MPC.

I am aware of other users who are using RME babyface, UFX, and another user using an 802 this way with their MPCs.

I have performed a flash firmware update on my 802, but when I connect it to the MPC via USB i get a message saying the device is not recognised by the MPC.

I wondered if anyone could offer any advice or help (i have also posted on an MPC forum, but have found this forum to be very helpful in the past).

Many thanks

Re: RME Fireface 802 & Akai MPC Live 2

To set the FF802 to CC mode, you'll have to connect to a Mac or Windows computer with the RME driver installed. Then in TotalMix FX options menu, select "Activate CC mode on disconnect".

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.