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Topic: ADI 2 Pro FS R B feature requests - routing AES out - additional EQs

Hi RME crew

I would really appreciate to having the following functionality implemented, if technically feasible:

1) Assigning the AES output to the 2nd DAC (channel 3/4)
2) Permanently locking volume of channel 3/4 to channel 1/2 volume setting to each other
2) Additional high and low pass filter settings in the EQ section. Especially choosing  24dB/Oct and possibly 48dB/Oct slopes and possibly also different filters like Linkwitz e.g. Reduce available PEQs when choosing steep filters, as required.

Background: I would like the device to drive 2x mains via out 1/2 and a sub via out 3/4 and let the ADI work as x-over.

Regards, Mark