Topic: Digicheck - choosing input device numerical

This is something that bothers me for a long time.

Opening Digicheck
Options - input device setup
select Channel with the mouse and the scrollwheel works perfectly.
But if I type in a number with the keyboard (e.g. 63) and press enter, this does not work. The dialog closes and the old device is metered.
Then I open the device input again, type in a numerical value again and TAB to the next field. It seems the new number is accepted. Closing the dialog with OK however reverts to the old devices.

It would be very handy if this could work, scrolling down from Ch1 to Ch63 is so cumbersome.
I dont have the Madi FX card, but I imagine scrolling down to ch192 as a real pain.

Maybe for the next update? Or is it only me who has this problem? (Win7 64bit here, Digicheck5.81, HDSPe Madi)


Re: Digicheck - choosing input device numerical

Unfortunately this bug has not been addressed in the new version.

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Re: Digicheck - choosing input device numerical

I really would like to bump this. It really would be so much more convenient to choose an input device by typing the number into the field and confirming with enter. Especially with Large channel counts and Madi cards.

See here, I am first choosing input 64 by scrolling with the mouse, and then choosing input 1 by typing in 1. Latter does not work.

Thanks for considering, Georg