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Topic: ADI-2 power-off noise

Hello, first post here smile

I recently acquired a second-hand ADI-2 (The original one without USB, and also not the current fs version).
It appears to be most recent hardware/firmware revision and seems to work fine.

It looks like relays are at play during the power-on sequence, and no noticeable noise can be hear on the output.
The power-off sequence (unplug) in different though, with no controlled muting and a big noise on the output.

Is this behavior normal, or is this the sign of some component needing replacement?

Thanks you

ADI-2, Digiface USB


Re: ADI-2 power-off noise

There are no relais in the ADI-2, so some noise on power on/off is expected. If that is too high in volume then you have a level mismatch and need to adjust volume AFTER the ADI-2, or use passive attenuators:


Matthias Carstens