Topic: M1610 Pro - no trimming?

I recently replaced my 2 ADI-8 QS with 2 M1610 Pros. I knew I would miss the limiters before buying, but there's one other thing that is quite vital in my vintage synth based environment: Trimming.
The ADI-8 QS offered me an individual trim for each channel. Has this great functionality been abandoned in the M1610 or do I overlook anything?

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Re: M1610 Pro - no trimming?

Page 39 user manual :
9.1. Analog Inputs
The line level inputs of the M-1610 Pro accept levels of up to +24 dBu. Each individual channel has its own line level setting of +13/+19/+24 dBu which can also be adjusted remotely. Additionally, the AD converters can be globally set to standby (mute).
No, you didn't overlooked, that Trim function from the ADI8-QS is not available in the M-1610, the three level stages are enough.

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Re: M1610 Pro - no trimming?

How sad. Anyways, thank you, waedi.

Re: M1610 Pro - no trimming?

Hi Matthias,
how does the M-1610 Pro relate to the ADI 8 QS otherwise (sound-wise) in your opinion?
Thanks for an answer!