Topic: Listenback functionality

I know it's been covered multiple times on this forum, but is there any plan to implement a separate, switchable listenback system, similar to the current talkback feature? The current LB system, being tied to the TB system, is all but useless more often that not...

And I know (and have previously used) a mute group to turn an input on and off, but the light on the ARC remote is "backwards" - you turn on the Mute, to not hear the listenback mic. It's not ideal... It's certainly not ideal when you're working with someone who isn't familiar with the system. I end up using my old DIY system with it's big light up buttons still, and that was fit for the bin 10 years ago!

Also, and as a side note - my god is Total Mix superb! So much functionality, so much flexibility.. Makes me long for a more Advanced Advanced Remote Control! More buttons, perhaps with "Pro LCD" (like Midas for example) style switches.. Honestly, £100 for the ARC is a bargain, and if I could really take control of all Total Mix has to offer with a great big £500 - £1000, with surround control, more switches for monitoring cues, more assignable headphones, a nice big LCD with level info etc... Proper big console control.. Blah blah blah, me me me etc... !