Topic: New hdspm driver


on you can find the latest version of the hdspm driver for testing. It now sports native float support.

I also added native float support to the latest jack SVN versions, so you can benefit from native float support through the whole driver chain. Simply run jack, it will automatically chose 32bit float support if it is available.

Have fun!


Re: New hdspm driver

Faberman, I really hope people appreciate the work you have been putting into these drivers.  I am getting a new 64 studio box from eRacks soon and will be putting these to good use and testing.

Thanks so much!

Re: New hdspm driver

Does this driver work with the HDSP and DIGIFACE combination?  It seems those drivers have been woefully outdated for a long time.

Re: New hdspm driver

The hdsp driver was recently updated to include support for the RPM. Support for Digiface, Multiface etc. is pretty stable and unchanged. If there's no need for a change, then why change.. smile