Topic: Madi & CC mode

With the recent death of the Madiface Pro, I'm wondering what are my options for a Madi device that can operate in CC mode.

My need:  I have an MPC X and their recent update supports CC USB audio interfaces in standalone operation.  Meanwhile, my PC has a Madi FX card connected to a Ferrofish A16.  So I would like to cut out the middleman and go straight into the Madi FX sound card.

My thought is that the success of the Babyface in CC mode by MPC users should  crossover to the Madiface.  But, it's discontinued and I haven't read anything about a Madiface user and the current line of MPCs.

So where does that leave me?  From what I have found, there is the UFX+, $3000 for 24 audio channels when in CC mode, 20 of which are Madi.  Not to mention all the other features that I would lose access to because I'm using CC mode, so it just doesn't seem to be a wise investment. 

Anyone have any insight on how to solve my problem?  I've been stalking Reverb, Ebay, and Gearspace hoping for someone willing to relinquish one, but alas no success.

The requirements for the MPC are:

Class compliant
Linux supported
44.1 Khz functionality

So whatever the Linux kernel is on the MPC, the Babyface supports it.  RME what say you?

Re: Madi & CC mode

I'm not sure where you're located, but some dealers may still have stock of the Madiface Pro. I managed to buy one in December. I'm a Linux user but I haven't tried the device with Linux yet, although I probably will be testing it after I finish a few projects. I would love to move my whole studio operation over to Linux eventually.
I also am curious to see if some of the recent developments with the Babyface would cross over to the Madiface Pro. I think they're pretty similar devices architecturally.

Re: Madi & CC mode

Even the UFX+ would not help you, because the channel order is fixed: the first 24 channels, that are available in cc mode would be the mics, line inputs and adats. So no access to Madi in cc mode.
I am hoping so much that RME will add cc to the Madiface USB.