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Topic: Noise when recording with my RME HDSPE

Hi all

I have an RME HDSPE PCIe card installed in my W7 desktop. An RME BO9632XLRMKH breakout cable is also used.

When I record using that interface, I have some noise present, in the 300-ish range, that is not present when I use my laptop and Focusrite interface.

Royer 121 > BAE 1073 > RME HDSPE (desktop)


Royer 121 > BAE 1073 > Focusrite Scarlet USB interface (laptop)

Here are two audio exs, at the same relative level



As you can hear, the desktop audio has noise that the laptop does not have. Same mic, cables, and pre settings.

I am thinking this is an interface issue, but am open to other possibilities.

If this were a grounding issue, I think I should expect 60 cycle hum? Is it maybe a clock issue?


Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.