Topic: Pro Tools finally catches up with HDSPe MADI FX

For anyone who uses Pro Tools and the HDSPe MADI FX, the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate (perpetual or part of the new PT Flex subscription level) has done away with the annoying 64 channels of I/O limitation (up from 32 channels mid last year) when using non-Avid hardware. Pro Tools Studio (what used to be the standard Pro Tools) is still limited to 64 channels. I’ve been testing it for a few hours of 98 channel at 96KHz recording on my Late 2018 i7 Mac Mini with no issues. RME card in a OWC Thunderbolt 3 expansion chassis, daisychained to a single Samsung m2 NVMe ssd in a TB3 enclosure. CPU load around 10% (capture only, no plug-ins). Presumably it will equally handle 194 channels at 48K. Looks promising so far.