Topic: Multiface II disconnected error & how to flash mface2 firmware help

I am having a problem with my Multiface II not loading from the PCI card at boot up. I thought I should try (if possible) flashing the Multiface II to the latest version possible & see if that would help. Of course there's the issue of HOW to flash that box if it won't connect to the card. I have it plugged in via the firewire cable. I plugged the card into a PCI slot on a different PC & it worked great! Foolishly, I thought that was that. Just use the other PC & I'm good. Wrong! Two days later, I rebooted the PC & Multiface II has never worked since. I've done that twice now. Moved the card to a PCI slot on a different PC & both times it worked great. For about 3 days. Then it stopped working. I'm running out of PCs though, so I need to get some help.

I did flash the PCI card, but how do I flash the Multiface II even if I do get it to connect on another PC? I've been looking all over the RME site & can't get a solid grasp of this. Is there a different flash tool (than the one for HDSP 9632/52 cards) for flashing an Multiface II with a PCI card connection or not? I tried the HDSPe flash tool, thinking that was what I needed. When I ran the flash tool it came up with "Unknown" card. I tried flashing it anyway, but nothing happened. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I guess it's good if I was using the wrong tool & could have messed up the firmware on my PCI card & bad because it left me confused as to what happened. That's something I'm pretty familiar with though. I'm confused most of the time these days. Especially since I've taken the challenge of using RME cards as my primary recording stuff. I've started with used stuff, just in case I blow something up, it will only cost me a small fortune rather than having to sell one of our kids to pay for my experiments. If I can get a better understanding of this stuff, & I live long enough, I'll eventually sell one of our cars & buy a new RME product. Right now, I'd really like to get this thing working. If possible.

ANY assistance that anyone would be kind enough to provide me with this would be most helpful. I feel like I'm WWAAAAY down in a cave in the dark with a tiny little light bulb & a 1Volt battery. I see light, but I can't see my own hand holding it. I'm pretty well lost. So before I try something else that's even dumber, I thought it would be a good time to see if I could get some help.

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Re: Multiface II disconnected error & how to flash mface2 firmware help

There is no flash tool for the Multiface II. The MF firmware is loaded by the driver upon detection. The FUT available is only for the PCI card. If the PCI card is still found in Device Manager then the transceivers on card/box are defective and need to be replaced.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Multiface II disconnected error & how to flash mface2 firmware help

Thank you for the quick, accurate & informative response. Although it's bad news for my wallet, you have saved me from myself. It's time.

Thanks again...