Topic: ADI-192 Not Receiving ADAT Signal

I've just purchased an RME ADI-192 on the used market and am experiencing difficulty.  Maybe someone here can help.  I am trying to converter connect my Orion 32 to my TC 6000 via using the ADI 192 to convert ADAT to AES/EBU and back again.  I have everything connected correctly, however when I assign the AES output to source ADAT on the RME, the light continues to flash indicating it is not receiving/detecting an ADAT signal.  I have double confirmed that my Orion 32 is, indeed, sending signal out via ADAT to the RME.  Am I missing something?

Please help.

Re: ADI-192 Not Receiving ADAT Signal

PS - The optical cables I'm using are brand new ALVA cables - RME Certified

Re: ADI-192 Not Receiving ADAT Signal

The flashing LED means clock on ADAT input is not in sync. What are the settings on the ADI-192DD for clock? Are you using the SRC on ADAT or AES inputs?

If you do not use the SRC function then all units must share a common clock, meaning the Orion and ADI sync to the TC unit, or vice versa.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.