Topic: USBC HDSP to 4x Firewire converter box

How much would one cost so i can use Digiface Multiface RME RPM and Multiface II at the same time

I have HDSP Cardbus HDSP PCI and Paid £250 to rme to make the RPM ok

My PCI computer is from 2006.

I want to use my RME RPM to rip vinyl and do live dj sets streaming so i need the CPU.

A trade in program of all the old HDSP HDSPe cards would be cool

Or a reccommendation of your favourite Pro Audio Cardbus laptop would probably solve my issue.

I love totalmix and digicheck record.

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PS I've just spent £1400 on the ADI - 2 pro i'm going to take it to the #audiology department at the hospital for their professional opinion on thursday I've figured out my solution a pair of sennheiser hd 25 with ear cup swivelled and my Oticon Engage P hearing aid … cts/engage

My plan is to get calibrated by the audiologist with the PRO.

Then get an IEM on left good ear and then a special cable to hook up to my hearing aid on right ear with the same type mould as the left ear they are £3000 for the same reason that RME