Topic: Midi Connection hdsp9632 + Scarlett 18i8

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I made this Midi connection: Midi Out keyboard ---> Midi In F. Scarlett 18i8 ---> Midi Out (scarlett 18i8) ---> Midi In 9632 Now how do I set up the dsp panel of the RME in order to transmit the midi data to Rme 9632? The 9632 is connected to the Scarlet 18i8 via SPDIF (Rca). Thanks.

Re: Midi Connection hdsp9632 + Scarlett 18i8

Which "DSP panel" are you referring to? There are no settings as such, and if you are referring to Totalmix, this is for audio signals only. Select suitable MIDI ports in your DAW/Sequencer software...

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: Midi Connection hdsp9632 + Scarlett 18i8

Hello, I thought that there was some particular setting to be set for the RME configurations ... After a few attempts I managed to solve with Midi-Ox, with this program I created a bridge to transmit the Midi data also to the hdsp 9632. And if Midi-Ox has succeeded, I believe that a nice software control panel, to manage the routing of Midi data, would be useful. I hope future sound cards have this option too... Thanks. Regards.