Topic: Madi Expansion +1 adat


I need some advice/recommendation how to expand my current HDSPe Madi card to also include 1 adat channel.

My setup - I use a Madi card in my main DAW (cubase) outputting to my monitors. I want to sync that Cubase computer to a separate computer running Nuendo using the Steinberg System Link. System link requires a digital connection (adat/spdif) between the two computers.

How can I make a digital connection between the two computers while still using my Madi card? Can I add an addition RayDat or AIO card? Or would is there a better choice for my main interface than the HDSPe Madi card, one with more varied i/o options?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Madi Expansion +1 adat

After some research, I have discovered that the HDSPe Madi uses the same driver (driver_hdsp_win) as both RayDat and AIO (Pro) cards. This would make it possible to use both cards simultaneously.

I also noted from discussions on the forum, that I would not be able to pass audio from card-to-card, but could access both cards within my DAW for moving audio around. Both cards can be internally connected for WC. Also noted, the HDSPe Madi FX card uses it's own unique driver, that can not be "shared" with the RayDat or AIO.

This information has inspired a new setup. Now I will install a HDSPe Madi card on each of the 2 PC's. Passing 64 channels between the machines. On my main PC, I will also install a HDSPe RayDat, to use as my digital adat outputs to my monitors.

Is my thinking clear? Will this type of setup work as I've outlined above?
Any advice/recommendation will be greatly appreciated!