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I've been using TotalMix FX with UCX for many years. It works great and I am happy with everything except for one thing:
When I listen to audio and engage the mono button (either on screen or with ARC) I hear colouring, comb filtering and radical changes in the sound. This also happens when I'm playing back mono material.

I can't be the first person this has happened to but can't see any mention of it in the forums.

Any ideas?

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hi Seann,

are you sure you don't have phase issues that would cause comb filtering? have you looked at the spectral analyzer in Digicheck to see what the phase is doing?

what happens if you take a mono recording in a stereo track and then engage the mono setting?


Re: [Solved] Mono button colours sound

Thanks for your help Steve,

no, nothing funny happening with phase - this problem occurs with any material and yes also happens when playing a mono file. When using my DAW (Reaper), I can engage the mono button there with the expected results and obviously no change is heard when auditioning a mono file. But using the RME software, the mono button will cause odd phasey artifacts and I believe dropping a few dBs also.
It's very odd!


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Total Reset in TM FX - then try again.

Matthias Carstens

Re: [Solved] Mono button colours sound


I Tried Total Reset but the problem remained.

Then I thought deeper about the signal chain and the problem is due to room correction software (Dirac Live).
When Total Mix sends the mono signal to Dirac, the algorithm - being set up to encounter stereo - creates phase cancellations.
Now I just need to see if I can reroute the signal to account for that.

Thanks for your help,