Topic: TotalMix Mute function not working.

Hi, I am stuck here using the TotalMix application using Babyface Pro on Mac.

Whenever I select M (mute), it does not mute the sound. It used to function perfectly fine but I don’t know what it does not work anymore.
I tried to mute in each the Software Playback tab, Control Room tab and even on the top right corner where it has M, S and F.

The toggle goes blue and it looks as pressed but in actual sound, mute function is invalid.
I tried restart my mac, re-install the totalmix. Please help.

Re: TotalMix Mute function not working.

Are the driver and firmware up to date? Are you in the Submix view in Totalmix?

Daniel Fuchs

Re: TotalMix Mute function not working.

There are global master Mute/Solo/Fader group buttons on the top right in Totalmix, near the FX button. If master Mute is off, then channel mutes will not work.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.