Topic: Sine wave yields weird analyzer result

Playing a 70hz sine via software and monitoring the result of the Software Output in TotalMix, I get a huge equilateral triangle shape of harmonics before and after 70z..extending to 20hz and up to 500hz (!).

Is this due to windowing algorithm? I thought it was independent bandpass based? The waveform is 70hz sine, there is no harmonic content. Try sweeping a sine wave in software and you will see.

Due to this, can I trust the result of pink noise with EQ changes? That's what I'm aiming for... seems unable to analyze accurately.

thanks !!

Re: Sine wave yields weird analyzer result

Is there a way to increase the window sampling?


Re: Sine wave yields weird analyzer result

Please read the included online help. A filter always has a specific steepness or separation. The 'tree' is fully normal and necessary to give a linear, horizontal line with pink noise. This is not FFT.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Sine wave yields weird analyzer result

Ok thanks, I read it.

But maybe can you help explain better why a sine results in the tree?

If the music say, is electronic and consists of minimalist tones, the analyzer seems inaccurate to my eyes. After all, its not displaying a sine wave correctly.

?? thanks