Topic: Stuttering/noise/dropouts - Fireface UC with Ableton Live 11 / MacOS

I just purchased a Fireface UC, and have downloaded and installed the correct driver and updated the flash.
Using the Fireface in Ableton 11 is causing a LOT of noise glitches, sound disappearing while adjusting plug in parameters (example something as simple as turning the reverb delay time in the send makes the audio signal disappear while crackling and digital noise/tones happen). I bought this for live performances, but it will definitely not work if I can't fix this... hmm

This is the routing I have on the lines:

mics in on input line 1 + 2. Output 1/2 into external mixer, as well as 3/4 running out via external hardware to external mixer.

RME driver update: v3.221
USB Flash updated to newest version (138)
Ableton version 11.0.12
MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
Mac book pro 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7
32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

I am no big computer wiz...but have never had such problems with any other interfaces. Was running a Scarlett earlier today with no problems. Anyone have any ideas? Any of the newer Mac OS updates that solve this? (I'm not ready to go to Monterey yet due to plug-in compatibility issues)

Any help greatly appreciated!


Re: Stuttering/noise/dropouts - Fireface UC with Ableton Live 11 / MacOS

Have you tried all available USB ports? Which Scarlett did you test?

Daniel Fuchs