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I have experienced a couple of times that UCX II loses sync with Totalmix, such that changing a fader is not synchronized to the device. The host is Windows.
Totalmix still showed VU meters, recording went on etc., so the connection with the device was not lost completely.
Is there a way to fix a situation like this without interrupting recordings?

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More details about the setup and the phenomenon, please. Where exactly do you observe this, what would you expect to "synchronize"?

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Re: UCX II faders out of sync

For example, changing the Analog 7/8 channel volume of ADAT 1/2 submix takes place in the Windows application but doesn't actually update the device setting. Going through the device UI (CHAN/MIX etc.) still shows the old setting, and the mix volume was not actually changed. This is what I meant by the Windows application and the device faders being out of sync.
I don't know what triggers this. Last time restarting the device fixed it, but this time I could not do that while recording.

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I have exactly the same problem. The control between totalmix and ufx+ disappears after about 3-4 minutes.

after reboot everything works correctly only 2-3 minutes. But the sound is not lost. but I can't turn on 48v, mutes or others.

on the other laptop, by the way, everything works correctly


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"latest" is no version number that can be checked by support, pls use real version numbers.

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Windows Flash Update Tool realese date 2022-06-17

driver Version 0.9747