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I have a Mac computer with a Digiface USB connected by ADAT to a Focusrite Octopress Dynamic AD/DA where I connect my mics. I know that the input levels I must use in my analogic inputs must be just below -16 to have some headroom and avoid clipping artifacts. In my setup, I'm using Digiface USB/Totalmix as a real-time digital mixer, and I'm not willing to use any DAW as I'm using this setup for podcasts/video calls, and I'm trying to minimize latency. When I route the audio to another computer/device, I know I can increase the level of the signal above zero using Totalmix to compensate the -16 level at the input. The problem occurs when I route the inputs to applications in my Mac, the interface host.  As I'm trying to avoid using any DAW in my Mac, when I route the signal to any application in the Mac, the sound level is too low.

Is there any way to increase the level of the inputs to the host computer of the interface (a Mac) in Totalmix without using any DAW or other software?

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Re: Input levels for Digiface USB

You need to increase the input level in the analog domain at the Focusrite, I would investigate at that device.
The Digiface USB simply routes / processes the signal in the digital domain after A/D conversion at the focusrite.

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Re: Input levels for Digiface USB

He maybe does not want to clip the preamps if someone starts laughing on his podcast smile.

Unfortunately the Digiface USB does not have a DSP for the Dynamics section of Total Mix which would allow you to push the Gain digitally.

Only thing you could do on the Digiface is to use loopback. This would allow you to boost the signal by 6dB on the Total Mix inputs and maybe another 6dB on the Output (Maybe because I can't remember if the loopback on the digiface is pre or post fader.).
The added latency is very minimal, so maybe give it a try.