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Topic: Totalmix Midi Control Bank of 8 Stereo Channels counting as 2?

Hello folks,

I just picked up a UFXii and am mapping some simple functions from a small cheap midi controller to totalFx.

I've just realised I can't communicate via Midi with channels outside of the currently selected bank of 8.

I can see that when I move the bank, the number of channels "In focus" seems to change depending on whether the bank of 8 currently selected includes stereo channels.

Looking through the forum I can see screenshots that have been previously posted for Totalmix (UFX or 802 user I think) where there appear to be stereo channels that are counting as one channel of the 8 "in focus".

When I move the bank of selected channels the stereo channels appear to be counting as two channels meaning I have less channels "In focus". This is on the ADAT inputs of the UFXii. Has something changed on more recent versions of Totalmix? Or is there a setting somewhere that can change this behaviour?

Many thanks!

Re: Totalmix Midi Control Bank of 8 Stereo Channels counting as 2?

OK I found it now there is a setting for this in the midi settings for totalmix that I missed.

Also I found the option for hiding certain channels from the midi 8 channel "focus" group which allows for a little more flexibility.